Embodying the Nature of Restorative Healing

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“Due to your guidance and patience, I believe my body has at last decided to remain in its correct position. I want to thank you, not only for the physical help you’ve given me, but also for the emotional and spiritual help as well. You skillfully eliminated my physical pain and emotionally helped me through an extremely stressful period.”

– Sherry

“You have not only helped me physically but have given me skills that I put into action every day which is keeping a lot of pain away. You have also helped me mentally through the techniques of relaxing my mind. You have worked so hard and always put forth 125 percent of effort. With much gratitude”

– Judy G.

“In HIS Hands… The Other Guy  

Many know whom I’m referencing in my statement In HIS Hands, but this is my personal testimony related to the therapy I received from Dan Miller, The Other Guy. I am a male 66 years of age. Back Pain had lived with me for over 25 years, I thought I’d live with the torment forever. Some days, pain killers were needed just to get out of bed. Next the act of bending to put on socks felt like a dagger in my spine. Sitting was painful and would cause setbacks. Walking relied on crutches, canes and body braces. I vividly remember the 7th visit when I realized that Dan may provide real healing. First time I ever had hope. My results far exceeded expectations and are measurable. First I have gone from not being able to walk without pain, to walking over 5000 miles. Second, I have gone from needing over 90+ pills a month to zero. An accomplishment Dan and I are proud of. Dan’s manual therapy played a key role; providing proper alignment, reducing pain, muscle stress and tension. Thank you God, for giving hands to those who can make a difference today!

– Dess

“You are a blessing. I am so thankful for…From July 9th… look at me today! Thank you – Thank you!”

– Lois W.

“During my initial consultation with Dan, I mentioned that I had recently been diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I was supposed to be using a CPAP machine but had trouble sleeping with it. Dan treated me for this issue as well. Just last week I retested for my sleep apnea and although I still have it, it is very mild and does not require a CPAP machine.

I have been very pleased with the treatment I received from my Physical Therapist Dan Miller and I would highly recommend him.”

– Barb E.